Our Story

From Tree to Toy, the story of the Vermont Wooden Toy Factory

Not only do we build toys, but we build the tools that build the toys!

Vermont Wooden Toy was conceived from a challenge to build a continuous spiral from in a single piece of wood.  Our family business designs and builds unique wooden curiosities and crafts from local hardwood in our Charlotte, Vermont shop.  We strive to design toys that inspire the imagination of kids in the playroom and adults at the office; toys that inspire creative thought, not just entertain. They are high quality, locally made and built to last for generations. Good for the brain and great for the environment; your choice made from maple or cherry hardwood and finished with our own light beeswax to bring out the natural beauty and contrast of the wood.


Each toy begs the questions such as , “how did they make this?”, “how did they get the marbles in here?”

Our flagship toy, the Marbelous Wooden Spiral, is hand finished to a smooth patina with either food grade beeswax( or non-toxic satin poly). Depending on the number of marbles you place in the spiral, you can create a meditative experience or add more marbles for a more fast paced fun experience!  


Have an idea or toy concept you want in wood? Contact us and we will put our “gears” in action.